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Take the time to get to know us

Since 2008, JI-Beh Martial Arts has been providing Martial Arts training in Limerick and the surrounding areas.  We work with individuals and families to build confidence and character skills needed in the real world.  Here at Ji-Beh Martial arts, it's not just something we do.  It's our way of life.  We are very passionate about our studies, and hope to enspire others to do the best they can as well.

Try Classes Free For A Week

We offer a free trial program for you to try us out.  In addition to that we also provide a short intro session for new students.  The introduction is used to help new students get some basic understanding of our etiquette and techniques.  Durning that time we also answer any questions that parents may have.  Having that introduction helps new students that may be timid in a class room with other students.  After your free trial week, you tell us if you would like to continue your martial journey with us.

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October 2015 Gup Test At The Line Elementary School

What We Offer

We have several programs we offer here at JI-BEH.


The Little Dragons is for kids ages 4-7, 30 minutes.  We work to focus kids attention to complete tasks and listen.  We incorporate games and activities to help train the mind and body. 


Kids classes are for ages 7-12, 45 minutes.  Kids classes have a greater exposure to martial training and conditioning.  We challenge the students to give all out effort and achieve the goals they set out to accomplish


Teen / Adult Classes are for ages 12 and up, classes are 60 minutes.  Here we get to work with concepts with greater details and explore the martial philosophy.


General Classes are for ages 7 and up, classes are 60 minutes.  This class allows family members of different ages to work out together.


Women's Self Defense classes are every Tuesday 8:00 pm to 8:45 pm.  We focus on your understanding how to use your body and confidence /awareness building.



Our Location:

603 Elm Street 04048 Limerick, Maine.   207-793-4923

Across the street from Gerry & Sons Snowmobile, Route 11

Entrance is around back to the basement.